Rail Drilling Machine

Rail Drilling Machine

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The Rail Drilling machine was developed by us purely to save costly foreign exchange as the Indian Railways are mostly buying imported equipment for the same Use/ scope of the Machine During new track laying and during maintaining existing tracks the rails have to be drilled for bolting two rails.Even when the rail cracks sometimes due to constant exposure to heat and cold the best way is to bolt the two tracks by putting a fish plate between the two rails .If the crack is more than 3mm wide welding is also not permitted .Even if the crack occurs on a bridge again welding is not permitted ,at such a time only bolting is the option .Our Rail Drilling machine is a very convenient option to do the drilling work right up to 36mm hole size .Also our machine is driven by a 35cc petrol engine the reason to do the same is that the broken / cracked rail could be anywhere where 220v or 120 v electrical supply is not available ,so the machine is driven by a petrol engine .Mounting of the machine The machine has a special mounting fixture on the side of the cutter two special locating plates having the form of the rail are provided this also assures perfect centering of the machine to the rails on the other side a special clamp provided perfect grip to hold the entire machine.

Electric versions avaliable ( 220V/110V AC)

Technical Specifications

1)The machine weighs 24 kgs and can easily be transportedby two people

2 ) Powered by a Honda100 cc four stroke engine

3) Stroke of the unit 50mm