Portable Milling Machine

Portable Milling Machine

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Introducing our latest product The Portable Milling Machine is a three axis portable milling machine provides precise and versatile on the job milling capabilities .It is designed to be attached either to the workpiece or to the support structure beside it.The machine is used for milling large cumbersome parts many customers use this machine when welding up and remachining worn parts on production machinery like stamping presses. Long motor mount slots are easily machined often without dismantling since the milling machine can be mounted right on the workpiece .Motor mounts and pump bases are easily machined especially in tight locations .
Technical Specifications
X stroke 1300- mm LM Guides
Y Cross stroke 280mm LM guides
Z Stroke 100mm Spindle Power Hydraulic 6.5 Hp
Feed Motor ½ Hp Geared DC Motor ball screw
Machine mounting option 1)16 holes are provided of dia 14 at a pitch of 120mm to mount the machine secularly and rigidly
2)Electromagnetic clamping on the base is also now avaliable
Manufactured By Jinshaa Machines
List of Customers
Acellor Mithal Dham Processing Pvt Ltd
Chougule Industries Goa
Hydratight Saudi Arabia
Paharimata Engg Pvt LTD Aurangabad

Metal Mount Inzenering DOOEL
SKOPJE Republic of North Macedonia