Gasoline Impact Wrench

Gasoline Impact Wrench

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The Jinsha Brand portable Gasoline  Impact Wrench

A very powerful and sturdy tool for spotmaintenance of Railway track requirements. The one man portable machine can be used for running on/off of rail bolts, tightening of threaded rail fastenings, fitting or extracting of coachscrews and drilling of wooden sleepers/ties. It can take a variety of standard 1-in sockets and augers.
Powerful 2-stroke gasoline engine
Easy to maneuver, one-man operation for vertical and  horizontal applications  
Capable of applying bolts up to 32 mm diameter

Standard 25.4 mm square drive Standard Impact Wrench

Engine    Two Stroke, Forced, Air Cooled, Single Cylinder 50cc

 Fuel Tank capacity 1 liter 1:25 (gasoline:2 cycle oil)
Ignition  Spark Plug Type Electric NGK BPMR6A
Carburetor  Diaphragm
Impact Square Driver Size 25.4
Capacity Bolt Diameter 32MM
Free Speed 2000RPM
Weight without fuel 20 kgs

Fastening Torque Range  Torque 1500 N.m (Full Throttle: 1255 ft.lbf)
                                                   950 N.m (Half Throttle: 701 ft.lbf)

Manufactured by                                                                     

Jinshaa Machines

F12 Bashweshwar Industrial Estate

Vishweshwar Chowk PCNDTA

Bhosari Pune 411026 India