Flex Arm TappingMachine

Flex Arm TappingMachine

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We are a renowned name engaged in manufacturing and supplying an extensive range of Flex Arm Tapping Machine. The latest offering is the compact light weight Tapping Machine which has a massive reach. Available in two models, one of them has a horizontal reach of 1250 mm in 360 . From tap to mounting face, this model has a vertical stroke 500 mm Additionally, it has a reversible tapping attachment, which eliminates the need for reversing motor for tap extraction after tapping.Can also be used for roll tapping in softer materials like aluminum brass and copper Press the handle downwards for tapping and thereafter, released due to the presence of the gqas spring . Thereby, the tap retreats at double speed and again changes direction to forward. As a result, it saves costly VMC machine hour rate and also the operator can make use of the idle time while the VMC operation is in progress.